Gainesville Dance Center is located in Haymarket and Gainesville, Virginia. Our "Ohana" or dance family was founded in our current location in 2001 and our staff has over 50 years of dance experience through our founder Ms. Tricia, our Director Ms. Amber, our Administration Manager Ms. Karen, and our Locations Manager, and residential legend Miss Pat.

Our classes are available for all ages and all ability levels. Dance Instruction takes place in a safe, positive, and fun environment and kindness is held above all. Students will learn coordination, mobility, flexibility, sense of rhythm, and the importance of teamwork. Our teachers have experience with both professional and recreational dancers. Our program caters to all levels and subjects and is tailored to each families' preference. Our dancers will develop self-discipline and self-esteem, responsibility, community, independence, and respect. To become a better dancer is also to become a better person here at GDC. ​Welcome home to the Ohana!

When you come home to GDC you are part of the Ohana - or family - we welcome you to make life long relationships, friendships, and memories. For the best in dance education and dance instruction, come join the family.

The attitude is gratitude here at GDC. We see dancing as a privilege & as part of the Ohana, you respect and give thanks to those that that give you the tools to grow in your craft including parents, teachers, staff members, and guests.


Our classes are technique focused, with students developing self-discipline and self-esteem, responsibility, community, independence, and respect.