BALLET/POINTE:  IMPORTANT: Classes in ballet in conjunction with jazz, tap, lyrical, & leaps, jumps, and turns will enable students to progress more quickly. Instruction is designed to bring out the best poise, grace, and technique within the student. Classes will offer barre work, center, across the floor combinations, and choreography. DRESS CODE WILL BE ENFORCED. Pointe shoes: when the instructor notifies the director that a student is strong enough to be put into pointe shoes, we will notify the parent. Please do not purchase pointe shoes until you speak to the instructor and/or director.  INSTRUCTOR WILL GUIDE YOU ON SEWING RIBBONS ON SHOES.

ATTIRE: Black leotard 
SHOES: Ballet Pink Sansha’s Pro 1 Canvas Ballet Shoes.
TIGHTS:  Ballet Pink Tights & HAIR:  In low bun.

BOYS/MEN ATTIRE: Solid white t-shirt, black male tights for ballet classes, please see instructors for guidance. Can wear shorts and sweats for all other subjects.
BALLET SHOES: Ages 3-6, black leather full sole ballet shoes and for Ages 7 & up, black Sansha’s Pro 1 Canvas ballet shoes.