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Class Descriptions & Attire

*NEW “OPEN” DROP IN CLASSES:  Drop in classes are $20 per hour (No Registration Fee), or you can register for a session with no registration fee.  Registration form is still required for drop in classes.

Boys/Men's Attire: 

Solid white t-shirt, black male tights for ballet classes, please see instructors for guidance. Can wear shorts and sweats for all other subjects.
Ballet shoes as followed:

Ages 3-6, black leather full sole ballet shoes
Ages 7 & up, black Sansha's pro 1 canvas ballet shoes. 

Hip Hop Classes: 

Hip hop combines the element of street dancing which includes styles often seen in today’s music videos. Come in and get to breakin’ it down!

ATTIRE: GDC attire located in GDC spirit boutique for both boys & girls
SHOES: Capezio black dansneaker canvas #ds03. Street shoes are not allowed on our dance floors.

Combination Classes: 

Remember to use the restroom before class starts! All combo classes will perform one routine in the recital.
A great introduction to dance! Designed for young dancers to get familiar with more than one subject. Students will receive both tap and ballet instruction while having fun. “come on in for a combo-deal.”

ATTIRE FOR COMBO: Ages 3&4 - 5&6: Leotard: short sleeve Capezio ballet pink style #TB132-c
Shoes: Capezio “daisy” full sole leather ballet shoes style #205- ballet pink.
TAP SHOES: White Capezio “junior tyette” #n625 already has elastic attached. Tap shoe ribbons should be taken out. Parents, please bring children in correct attire. We do not want children upset over “the new outfit” the student next to them wore.  *write student name in all dance shoes*
TIGHTS: Capezio ultrasoft full footed ballet pink style #1915c,  

“Boogie Fever” Ages 5-7: “created by Patricia Bray”  

Has your young dancer already had 2 or 3 seasons of Combo, and is ready to get movin’? Then “Boogie Fever” is for you! This class is for the little ones that are ready to shake it up! This class is structured much like a Jazz class and will work with opposition and technique to get them ready for a full hour jazz class.  
ATTIRE: g.d.c. attire located in GDC spirit boutique
TIGHTS: caramel Capezio full footed style #: 1915 (for recital)
SHOES: caramel slip on Capezio jazz shoe e-series #ej2